Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Wednesdays

It's my first official Pink Wednesday!

I remembered a couple days ago that there was a Target gift card that had been hanging out in my wallet for a couple years! So I took advantage of that and bought a couple bottles of polish! Yay! They still have the entire Come to Poppy & Pirates of the Caribbean collections, which seems strange, but since I never picked any of them up, I'm more than ok with that. I got Skull & Glossbones and Play the Peonies. I figured as a pianist, Play the Peonies should be in my stash!!

These photos are 2 coats, no top coat, no cleanup, in diffused light. This is a lovely, soft shade that just feels utterly ladylike. It's the tiniest bit brush-strokey, but not enough to bother me.
I'll probably be bored with it by tomorrow, but it's a gorgeous palate cleanser that would have been absolutely perfect for a piano concert. I'll probably come back to this in the spring!

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