Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OPI DS Extravagance

I've been sporting OPI DS Extravagance for the last few days. As I'm sure everyone knows, she is BEAUTIFUL.
I wore her with underwear, so here is a quick shot of Essie Sole Mate. Sole Mate was actually one of my very first polishes, from long before I was into polish. It's a really nice color, though! Two coats on index, and just one on the others. It's a really nice vampy color.

And here is the eye candy!

First, sunlight:

Now flash:

Indirect light:

In the sunlight, Extravagance is just gorgeous scattered holo amazingness. In the shade it's still sparkly and beautiful. It's just such a gorgeous, deep, rich color. "Extravagance" is definitely the word to describe this!

She is my only DS, so right now I can say she's my favorite (until I get my hands on Glamour!). Which DS do you  love most?

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