Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Wednesday: OPI "If You Pink So..."

Here's a pink wednesday that I don't think anyone has seen before! Or at least, I haven't found any swatches of it...
I went to Beauty Brands to kill some time the other day, and they had a shelf full of this pretty pink. Here's the display...

It's called "If You Pink So..." and it looks like it's a brand new Beauty Brands exclusive. I usually look up swatches before I buy anything, but when I googled this one, absolutely nothing came up! So here you go.

This is a bottle shot I took in the car with my iPhone right after buying it. It's got a really pretty shimmer in it! Blue & pink. (PS, on my nails is one of the OPI sorbets; Guy Meets Galveston, I think?)

These are all 2 coats with no top coat.

This isn't color accurate, but you can see the shimmer a little better.

It's a medium pink with strong blue undertones. I'm currently wearing Essie's Bachelorette Bash on my toes, and they're exactly the same color. Seriously, insanely perfectly matched. So if you know what the Essie looks like, you know what color If You Pink So... is; just imagine it with a really subtle blue & pink shimmer.

What do you think of If You Pink So...? Have you heard of it before? Will you be getting it now?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Essie comparisons

Here's a comparison of some Essie whites: Marshmallow, Waltz, and Allure! I bought them all on separate occasions, because I thought I was getting one level of opacity by looking at the bottle and then it turned out when I got home that I was completely wrong! So if you're in the market for a sheer white polish, hopefully this will help you decide which you want!

One coat

2 coats
Clearly Marshmallow is the one to get if you want something that can be an opaque white. Waltz is sheer but much more opaque than Allure, which is really just a wash of color. They're all fairly streaky; since Marshmallow becomes opaque it wasn't too big a deal, but the other two need fairly thick coats to even themselves out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: OPI Cozu-melted in the Sun

I'm really not much of a dainty, pink, office-appropriate nail-color kind of person. I like greens and blues and bright colors, things that will cheer me up and get people to notice them. But every now and then I need something slightly more demure. Apparently for me, "demure" is something like this...

OPI Cozumelted In the Sun. Husband is a diver and loves Cozumel, so I mostly bought this for the name. But it's also really pretty! It's pink and silver, shimmery/foil, and when I need a break from brights, this is a great place for me to turn. It's what I wore last time I had a really bad break and didn't want to draw attention to my mangled nail.

What's your go-to Neutral-But-Not-Boring color?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Flip Flop Fantasy

I don't think it's possible for a camera to accurately capture Flip Flop Fantasy. It wants to show up like this first picture: peachy.

But that's not accurate in the slightest! This polish is practically radioactive. I wore it on my toes last summer. I got in the pool one evening, and after my feet were deep enough I couldn't see them, I could still see my toenails! It's seriously BRIGHT.

This next picture is in dark of my apartment late at night, lit just by the tv and maybe a computer screen. The polish still stands out!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Zoya Charla

I love Zoya polishes. They're so lovely. And they do this sparkly, glass-flecked, almost-foil-y finish better than anyone else. It's pretty much my favorite thing. Ivanka, Apple, Kimmy, Charla... yummy goodness.
Charla is well-known. She's pretty much the same as OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Orly Haley's Comet, Essence Choose Me...

And an extreme close-up for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hard Candy Beetle

We all love a good duo chrome. These aren't the most amazing pictures, but I did what I could.
Hard Candy Beetle. I've heard it's a dupe for Orly Space Cadet? The pictures I've seen of Space Cadet do seem pretty similar, but I can't make any promises as I don't have it to compare! But Beetle is still easily available at Walmart. This is... 2? maybe 3? coats, no top coat.

 Brownish-pink that sometimes looks purple and has an incredible green duo chrome. Yes please.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Roses!

I wanted to do an Easter mani, but I didn't want to go all out with bunnies & eggs & the lot. So I went with something still season-appropriate but less holiday-themed: roses!

The base is China Glaze Refresh-mint. I hadn't used in in a long time, and I think I'd forgotten just how pretty it is! It's not the easiest in terms of application, but worth it. The roses are a generic white (Confetti brand, I think?) and Essie Your Hut or Mine. I just put two little dots right next to each other and swirled them together using a bobby pin (as I don't have a dotting tool). Then the leaves are acrylic paint, done with a tiny striper brush.

One of my uncles-in-law actually pointed them out and said they looked lovely! Then he said, "My daughter had to have the Hunger Games polishes... I ended up buying her two of them!" I laughed and said, "Yeah, my mom bought me all 12..." Now his daughter hates me forever, I think, but I don't care because someone noticed my nails! That's all I ever want from life, really. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Skull & Glossbones fail

A short post today. This is Skull & Glossbones from OPI's Pirates collection. I bought this one a couple months ago and hadn't gotten around to wearing it yet... and I'm not sure this really counts. I had an afternoon where I absolutely could NOT choose something to wear. I think I tried 3 different polishes before I found something I could at least tolerate. This color just does not work for me; it makes me feel like I have corpse hands. Plus, the formula was weird... even though I'd mixed it up, it was like the pigment had separated from the base. The first coat was really streaky in the weirdest possible way. I had to super mega shake it up & use a thick second coat to get it to smooth out.

Maybe at the end of the summer when I'm not (as) ghostly pale it will look okay on me, but I don't think I'll be trying it again soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sinful Colors Zeus

Sinful Colors again! Zeus is from their Cast Away collection, as was Neptune. This is 2 coats, so hooray! The formula was weird... boo! It was runny, but it got goopy fast, and I had an impossible time trying to get the right amount on the brush. Harumph. Also, it has a really beautiful pink shimmer, but I don't see a lot of it. Some of that is probably due to the gross, cloudy day outside, but I don't think it's all the weather's fault...

What do you think about these pictures? I'm using a new lighting system for these pictures. Here's a comparison...

Pictures using window light aren't always that bad; as I said, today is really dreary & gray. But that's part of the wonderful thing of having a good light: it's reliable.
Do you prefer the new pictures? I'll do a few more entries with this lighting so you can let me know what you think!

Also! Before I took this off, I did some layering with a couple new Pure Ice polishes I picked up.
On my left hand, I tried out Busted. It's the perfect match for Zeus: they are both purple with pink shimmer. The shimmer in Busted in AMAZING, though.

I feel like putting Busted over top of Zeus just brings out what Zeus could be. My ring & pinky fingers have such a silly tiny shimmer compared to the two with Busted!

And from an extreme enough angle, Busted's shimmer turns slightly green! How awesome is that?

Next is Heartbreaker layered over my right hand. Here you will have to be a little lenient... of course I'm not as good at posing & taking pictures of my right hand, but I also have a nubby little middle finger. It broke last week and has been weak & peeling ever since. :(

Heartbreaker is really pretty, I'm excited to try layering it over other things!!