Friday, July 20, 2012

Stamping! Attempt #1

Guys! The Bundlemonster plates I ordered got here last week, and then I had to wait ANOTHER week before my stamper got here! It was the most frustrating week ever. Walking to the mail box in hopes of nail mail only to be disappointed AGAIN? So sad. But it finally got here today! So here is my first attempt at stamping!

But before I show you the pictures, let me apologize. These photos are from my iPhone, not my real camera! But we are moving across town right now, so most of our stuff is in boxes, including my card reader!

I used WnW Fergie Miami Spirit. It's super lovely! It dried demi-matte, which I wasn't expecting, but that meant it dried super fast. The brush was big & floppy, but not unmanageable. And after top coat, it has some seriously gorgeous shimmer!
I stamped using BM201 and a white from a Rimmel french manicure set.

None of these are quite color accurate; but the left one here is probably closest. It wants to photograph a lot bluer than it actually is.

Also, you just saw my right hand! Two of the nails on my left hand are totally mangled, so it's going to be a couple weeks before I feel okay photographing it again. Plus, I started on my left hand and then moved to my right hand, and I can definitely tell how much better my stamping got!

For me, the hardest thing about stamping was figuring out the right amount of polish. I started with WAY too much, but as soon as I figured that out, it got a lot better.

I've only done it once, but it's official: I LOVE STAMPING! It's so much fun, it makes me feel fancy, and it's so much easier than the final outcome looks! J'adore.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome back!

I am still alive!

A billion million apologies for being gone for so so so so so so long!
I temporarily moved back to live with my parents in May so I could do a piano gig at the theatre there. I spent 5 weeks away from my husband & my students, which was not fun at all. I also spent 5 weeks playing piano, which is always really cool (I love that I am making a living using my music degree!!) but it was HELL on my nails. And my laptop died for a few days, and I misplaced my camera's battery charger, and etc etc etc.
Long story short, I was gone, and I would like to be back.

To be totally honest, I'm still not making any promises, though. I've spent the last month or two feeling not totally enthusiastic about my nails. It doesn't help that they're in terrible condition, but I've just been feeling bored. I think we've all been there, though, haven't we? Lately I've been trying to do a little more nail art as a way to get back into it and it has been so much fun! I keep it really simple, and it doesn't look great on my misshapen little nubs, but oh well! They'll grow out and I'll have been practicing.

PLUS, I just ordered Konad supplies this afternoon, so by next week I'll get to play with that! Super looking forward to it!

So as a hello again, here are some iPhone pictures from the last month. And yes, I've been so unenthused about my nails that these are most of the manicures I've taken pictures of in that whole time!

This is at the end of the second week. We had just gotten through rehearsals & opening weekend. My nails were so strong and healthy that they lasted that long! Then we started doing shows, and they all just fell to pieces...
This nail art is based on a dress I got that weekend. I'm not good at nail art, though.

 They're broken way past the quick. Not to mention how yellow they are... yuck.

The good thing about short nails: not having to worry about VNL! Elodie is a lovely jelly from Zoya, and I adore it, but on my longer nails I just couldn't handle the VNL. It looks lovely on my little nubs, though.

This was my birthday mani! A gradient with Zoya Wednesday & Zuza. It was pretty much awesome.

Here's my favorite! This gradient is using Orly Pure Porcelain as a base & China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy on top. It was so lovely! We stopped in at the jewelry store to get my ring cleaned & our favorite person there told me it looked like a professional did it. It lasted 5 days, and it had practically no tip wear and looked lovely, but then it just peeled off. :( I haven't had that happen since my nails used to be weak and peel-y and awful, so I think that's what causes it for me.

Now I'm rocking some blue & pink flowers that I'll hopefully show you in the next few days! I've been trying to be more active on twitter again, and it feels good to be here! I've missed you!