Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zoya Neeka

I am definitely in a Zoya mood right now. I'm SO excited about the True collection -- not that I'll be able to afford it this month! -- and I ordered Mira & Danii in their promo last week. My collection of polishes is really small in the purple area. To get myself psyched about the polishes coming in the mail, and to try to quench my lust for the purple shimmers in the True collection, I reached for one of the few purples I already have: Zoya Neeka.

 And now, for one million pictures!

Shade again

Direct sunlight

Indirect sunlight

In my car

One day in with tipwear.
At my work, in gross florescent lighting.
Still pretty!
The shimmer in this is just absolutely gorgeous. And I don't know why I don't own purples, because I think they're lovely!

Last night I was watching the game with my husband's boss's brother, whose wife complimented me on my nails. "What brand is that," she said, "OPI?"
I tried to tell her it's Zoya, a brand that isn't available in this area (we don't have an Ulta or any other store that sells it!) and she seemed really confused. But at least she thought it was pretty! :)

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