Friday, January 6, 2012

Zoya Crystal

My nails have been various shades of red for the last couple weeks. That's REALLY weird for me, because I used to hate red nail polish. hate, hate, hate it. I thought it was cliche and boring, and my nails were in awful shape so red nail polish just made my gross red cuticles look even worse. But lately I have been really loving red polish; it feels more classic than cliche, and my fingers finally look good enough to handle it!
Even so, I needed a break from red. So yesterday I picked a couple colors I hadn't worn in a while, turned to my husband who picked blue over purple, and painted my nails with the lovely Zoya Crystal!

Here is 2 coats of Crystal. She was pretty at this point, but in certain angles in the sun, I could see major vnl & streaks. so I added one more coat and got this deeper, richer beauty!

3 coats in indirect sunlight

3 coats in direct sunlight
So pretty. Crystal is the perfect winter shade: it's an icy shade of blue that evokes cold weather for me; it's a dusty enough blue that it doesn't seem out of place; and it definitely gives us the sparkly we want!

And now for something kind of funny... This is from last May. First, my nails are short and ugly, so ignore that! But this is what happens when you don't get your nailbed completely clean before applying your polish.

It's magical peeling polish!

In other news, I'm trying to decide which Zoyas to get in their latest promo. I'm definitely thinking purple, but I'm not sure if I want to go light & pastel (Caitlin) or rich & vibrant (Mira). Maybe I'll just have to get 2 purples. I do know that I want most of the True collection, but they are very smart & made sure this promo runs until just before True is available for purchase. Which Zoyas are you buying this time around?

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