Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two manis with Essie Mesmerize

I've been feeling under the weather the last few days, so I'm still rocking my NYE mani. And because I haven't been doing much of anything, it's still flawless! But in the meantime, here is an older mani for your viewing pleasure!

Here is Essie Mesmerize. I am a total sucker for a blue polish. This is what I was wearing at the beginning of our honeymoon. There's actually kind of a funny story about it... We went on a cruise, and on the first day of a cruise everyone has to participate in "muster," where you figure out where you're supposed to go in case of disaster. They fit way too many people in not nearly enough room, so you end up standing really close to total strangers. The lady standing next to me noticed my nails and said, "Oh, I just love that blue! I wish I could wear blue, but my husband only lets me wear reds and pinks."
After muster, I turned to my husband and said, "Thank you for letting me wear whatever color I want on my nails." What fun would nail polish be if we were stuck with just reds and pinks? I can't imagine!

And here's another mani I did a couple months later with Mesmerize. For this, I sponged Zoya - Charla onto the tips. If you click to enlarge this, you can see how interesting Charla is. I love her so dang much.

Why do you think "normal people" (ie, people not obsessed with polish like we are!) are so scared of "unusual" polish colors?

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