Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Misa Live Without Knowing

My husband got a raise last week, so we both decided to splurge; he bought a couple football video games and I placed a huge order at Transdesign. Have I sung their praises before? If not, I should have. I adore them. Cheap Essie and China Glaze, plus Misa and Sation and Orly and other brands I can't find anywhere around here. They even started carrying OPI again (here, as they haven't updated their polishes page to show it). I'll show you what my haul included later, but right now I'm too excited about the first pretty I put on!

Misa: Live Without Knowing. 

Two coats, no top coat. It has a lovely formula, just like every other Misa I've tried; I had minimal cleanup. At one coat it could have been fine, but I added a second to make sure there was no VNL.

Live Without Knowing is, at it's core, a taupe. It's just what I want this time of year. But it's so much more than that! Look at that RIDICULOUS SHIMMER, people. It's incredible. There's a fair amount of purple hidden in there, and a whole lot of gold, and I think I see a little pink, too.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I haven't posted in forever and ever and ever. We moved, I went on vacation, I started teaching again, and blogging (or even doing my nails!) stopped being a priority. But I miss y'all, so I'm going to try again.
I'm blogging from my iPhone, but hopefully these are still alright photos. I'm pretty sure I will be a lot more likely to keep up if I don't have to deal with getting photos from my camera, editing, uploading, and all that jazz. I do that enough in my real life!

This is one perfect coat of Sinful Colors Rain Storm; I got it on sale for $1 and the formula is glorious. Then I did a sponge gradient from the cuticle with Sinful Colors Neptune (which I have posted about before). It was a great look that lasted all weekend; it even made it through the KU football game, and that's saying something (we really suck),