Thursday, February 2, 2012

OPI: OPI on Collins Ave

I said I would be back with more pictures of this one, so here are a couple! It's a strange polish... When I swatched it, I thought of it as an orange red. While wearing it over the last couple days, it's been mostly orange-orange. But the pictures that I have of it all show it as the orange-red that I first saw it as! So I'm not sure what I think it actually is...

 This is from my camera; it shows it as what I think of as orange-red, a red with strong orange undertones.

This is from my camera phone while I was at work. When I helping teach group lessons, part of my job is to sit up front and play the 12-bar blues over and over and over and over while they learn how to improv. It's supremely boring, especially since I've been playing the 12 bar blues for 10 years, so I keep myself awake by looking at my nails.

And! I went to Walgreens yesterday to see if there was anything I wanted, and I stumbled across Sinful Colors Cinderella! I've been seeing a lot of buzz about it on twitter, so I figured I'd pick on up for myself. Then I went back after work to get one for a blog-friend and one for a future giveaway. I'm at 26 followers, and once I get to 50 it's giveaway time! I figured if I got halfway here in a month, I'll get all the way there in the next month (hopefully!) so I would start picking things up for it.

What color do you think OPI on Collins Ave is? And are you on the hunt for Cinderella?

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