Thursday, February 9, 2012


A couple weeks ago, I saw that Lash GirlIs That Odd were having a giveaway! All you had to do was like them both on facebook and write on ITO's wall. My husband saw me do it and judged me a little bit. Then I won! Not the big prize, but an extra little drawing after they chose the winner. My prizes came in the mail this week, and when I showed it to Ryan, he said, "Ok, that's actually pretty cool." So I'm slowly winning him over. In fact, a couple days ago I put a bunch of polish in a cart on Transdesign, and Ryan told me to buy it. Yay! :)

Here's what I got!

 Chapstick, lipgloss, and a mystery  box!

This stuff tastes really amazing. Love.

I'm not a huge lipgloss girl, but this is sweet and sparkly in a way that reminds me of middle school & sleepovers in the best way.

This was the mystery box, and look what's inside:

 Nail tools!
Definitely going into my purse!!

So many thanks to the lovely ladies who sent these my way. :)

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