Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Nail Mail!

In January, I spent at total of $5 on polish, because I only bought a couple bottles & I used a gift card to do it. This month our budget has had a little more leeway, so I put a bunch of polishes in a cart at Transdesign, stared at them for a couple days, and finally ordered them (because my husband made me). But before they got here, this lovely polish came via the wonderful Kelly!

WHIMSICAL! Ahh! Glitter in the Air was my very first lemming ever, but I refused to ever spend that much money on a polish. When Whimsical started appearing last month, I was dying for it, but no one in my town was carrying it! So Kelly, who is an absolute dear, found an extra one and sent it my way! Now I feel like my life is finally complete.

And then my order from TD came!

 I have always loved Essie polishes, and I'd been lusting after these three for a while. Your Hut or Mine, a pink shimmer that I think is going to be the perfect not-bubblegum and not-old-lady pink; Mochacino, a brown shimmer; & Smooth Sailing, a cornflower blue shimmer from last summer. I was actually into polish when this was on shelves and went searching for it, but every store that was carrying the Braziliant collection was sold out of Smooth Sailing.

My first Misas! I have actually worn both of these already -- swatches soon! -- and I am now officially in LOVE with Misa. Oh my gosh. They are the most perfect creams I have ever experienced. Office Polishtics and Gray Matter.

Of course, we all recognize Orly Fowl Play. I have been lusting after this one forever, too, and again couldn't find it here -- for a university town, we apparently have really crappy polish selection! -- and then just still hadn't quite convinced myself to pull the trigger online. I LOVE it.
Also pictured here is Orly Pure Porcelain. This is the interesting part: I didn't order this polish!! I ordered China Glaze Traffic Jam and got this instead! I emailed Trans the next day, and they refunded me the cost of ChG, no questions asked. So yay, they have good customer service!

View this one large: you can see some of the green flash of the flakes on the edges of the bottle!!

All of my lovelies all lined up!
Now you know what you have to look forward to in the near future!

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