Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Misa Office Polishtics

My first Misas! I've heard such amazing things about their formula, and I was definitely not disappointed. One perfect, applies-like-butter coat. And even though this is just a "boring" cream, I couldn't stop staring at it. Is it purple? Blue? Gray? I still haven't decided.
Here are way too many pictures so you can make your own call!

This looks pretty blue.

This is a really grayed out blue.

In the sunlight, it's very gray.

Again, blue, but this time with a little purple undertone.
I thought it was a dusty blue, and then several of my students called it purple, which I hadn't seen before. After they pointed it out, I could see why they thought that, but I would never call it "purple."
All I do know is that I want to wear it again, just so I can have the pleasure of applying it, and so I can stare at it in confusion.

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