Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game Day nails!

Today's the big day: The Final Border War!
I graduated from The University of Kansas last spring. Our rivalry with Missouri goes back to the Civil War. Kansas wanted to be a Free State, but people from Missouri kept coming over the border and voting for Kansas to be a slave state. They burned Lawrence (where KU is located) to the ground on more than one occasion. Quantrell's raid was an ugly thing.  So when we say we hate Missouri, we don't mean in a "Their jerseys are ugly and they're geographically close to us so they're a reasonable team to choose for a rival." We hate them in a, "You wanted to be slave owners, you burned our town, and you raped our women," sort of way.
They're moving to the SEC next year, so this is the end of the Border War. If we win this game, then we are the Big 12 regular season champs, and our dominance over MU is assured for the rest of time.

It's sort of a big game.

So I went way out of my comfort zone and did some red & blue nail art for game day!!

This red is Essie Russian Roulette, & the blue is Essie Mesmerize. They're my go-to primary red & blue. 2 coats of RR, just 1 of Mesmerize!!

The stripes on index & pinky were done using a Kiss nail art striper.

I finally attempted a cloud! I mixed up the finishes: glossy red, matte black (Orly Matte Vinyl), and foil (Zoya Trixie). I think it turned out really nicely!

The middle finger, I painted the entire nail red, then half of it blue. I used the black Kiss striper down the middle & the lines coming out, and the gold lines are a gold Kiss striper that came in the same set.

My thumb is another cloud, blue-black-silver, and my left hand is a perfect mirror.

Over all, I am incredibly proud of hour this turned out! I am pretty awful when it comes to nail art, but I think this looks pretty good!

Now to get ready for the game. Rock Chalk!!

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