Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Princesses Rule vs Sparkle

Ack! I've been slacking on the polish blog front! I spent all weekend attending a 3-day photography workshop, and a couple days fixing up my business' website, so this sort of got pushed to the backburner... sorry!! The good news is, I should have goodies coming in the mail in the next couple days, so I will be super excited to play with the new pretties & share them here!

I haven't done anything Valentine's-y other than year reds & pinks, so nothing special is coming... instead, here's a simple comparison for you!

Zoya Sparkle & OPI Princesses Rule!
PR is one of those weird polishes that I don't understand why I own them. I bought it before I was into nail polish, when I really hated pink & red polishes, so WHY would I have bought this? But it's beautiful, and I wore it on my wedding day, so I shouldn't complain!
Sparkle I got in my first humongo order of Zoyas, and I'm not sure why I got it, either... I tend to only buy polishes that I've seen a lot of swatches of, and I can't find any of this! So strange...

These are layered over SH CSM Cafe au Lait, since it's what I was wearing when I decided to do this!

They're VERY similar, but not as close as I initially thought! PR is more noticably pink, while Sparkle is really just a sparkle top coat. So I suppose I am glad I have them both after all! They'll serve different purposes for me, now that I know what the differences are!

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