Monday, February 27, 2012

Orly Fowl Play

This needed to be mine as soon as I saw the very first post about it last year. The second it was on my nails, I knew that all of those months of lusting had been worth it. What a freaking gorgeous polish!

These are 1 coat of Essie Sole Mate + 1 coat of Fowl Play. And I applied these pretty quickly, so I have some baldy spots where I wouldn't have if I had just been a little more patient & careful.

I hope these pictures capture the amazing depth of this polish. It's a gorgeous purple jelly with blue & red flakes and lots of shimmer. There's so much going on here.

As you can see, in the light you can see all of those wonderful bits. Out of the light, it's just a great purple. You can tell there's something join on there, but you can't see all of the details.

Click to view this sucker large... just ignore my ugly polish job on the pinky! :)

Fowl Play is seriously gorgeous. Red/orange and blue/green flakes, silver shimmer, purple jelly. This is definitely going to be a go-to when I want something dark and vampy but with a lot of interest!

Did you fall in love with Fowl Play right away, too, or was that just me?

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