Friday, March 2, 2012

China Glaze: Hunger Games - Agro

I have so many other manis to show you (I'm a couple weeks behind on here vs real life), but I got my China Glaze polishes yesterday, put on Agro, and FELL IN LOVE. So here are some pictures, because I don't want to make you want to see them!

Agro is a mossy green with a great shimmer. It's almost a metallic, vaguely frosty shimmer, but not at all in a brushstrokey way.

First, here are a few pictures in the shade.

These are all just 1 coat. There is a little balding going on at the base of a couple fingers -- see the ring finger -- but that is all entirely my fault. My brush was a little wonky; it was a little fluffier than the China Glaze brush I'm used to, and it had one piece that went out a bit to the side, but it wasn't bad enough to be a hindrance. One coat that looks this good this easily is an A++ in my book.

Super gorgeous, right?! It makes me think of a mossy, shady forest in the sumer. I love it.
But wait. It gets better.

Super shimmery in the sun! And look at it out of focus:

Some of that shimmer looks a little holographic to me! It's all sorts of pretty colors.

All of these pictures are clickable to make huge, but this is the one you absolutely HAVE to see large! The index finger is in focus, so you can see how pretty the polish itself is, but the closer fingers show you some of this seriously amazing shimmer! I haven't seen anyone else mention this, so I was not expecting it, and it is INCREDIBLE.

To sum up: I love Agro! Now to choose which HG polish to use next...

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