Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Four!!

My 'Hawks are in the Final Four! We play late this evening and I'm already so beyond nervous. Tonight is going to be a tough game, but I believe in them.
We're all a superstitious bunch: we're watching the game at the same place we've watched all of the tourney games, we'll sit in the correct seats once there, and I, of course, had to paint my nails. I've done it every weekend since round 1! Hopefully I get to leave these on until forever (or, you know, Tuesday) and don't have to take it off tomorrow.... wish us luck!

I bought a couple striper brushes & some acrylics yesterday to do these. I am really bad at this stuff, so forgive me! But it was fun and I'm excited for people to notice them.
Base colors are SC Ruby Ruby, Nina Ultra Pro Like Butta, and Essie Mesmerize. I have my go-tos when it comes to KU colors. :) Yellow stripes & the Jayhawk are acrylic paint; the blue stripes/dots are Zoya Tallulah; the red stripes/dots are Zoya Kimmy.

I painted the base last night, and then my husband got sleepy early, so there are some sheet marks... Oops.

And another Jayhawk on my thumb!

I'm so excited, and so nervous, and so excited!!!
And don't forget: I'm having a giveaway in celebration!

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