Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sinful Colors Zeus

Sinful Colors again! Zeus is from their Cast Away collection, as was Neptune. This is 2 coats, so hooray! The formula was weird... boo! It was runny, but it got goopy fast, and I had an impossible time trying to get the right amount on the brush. Harumph. Also, it has a really beautiful pink shimmer, but I don't see a lot of it. Some of that is probably due to the gross, cloudy day outside, but I don't think it's all the weather's fault...

What do you think about these pictures? I'm using a new lighting system for these pictures. Here's a comparison...

Pictures using window light aren't always that bad; as I said, today is really dreary & gray. But that's part of the wonderful thing of having a good light: it's reliable.
Do you prefer the new pictures? I'll do a few more entries with this lighting so you can let me know what you think!

Also! Before I took this off, I did some layering with a couple new Pure Ice polishes I picked up.
On my left hand, I tried out Busted. It's the perfect match for Zeus: they are both purple with pink shimmer. The shimmer in Busted in AMAZING, though.

I feel like putting Busted over top of Zeus just brings out what Zeus could be. My ring & pinky fingers have such a silly tiny shimmer compared to the two with Busted!

And from an extreme enough angle, Busted's shimmer turns slightly green! How awesome is that?

Next is Heartbreaker layered over my right hand. Here you will have to be a little lenient... of course I'm not as good at posing & taking pictures of my right hand, but I also have a nubby little middle finger. It broke last week and has been weak & peeling ever since. :(

Heartbreaker is really pretty, I'm excited to try layering it over other things!!

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